The gadgets revolutionising health and fitness

22 Nov
The gadgets revolutionising health and fitness

Whether you’re looking to step up your sprint, improve your sleep or find yourself generally dreaming of a more well-rounded fitness regime, there’s tech to match your health and fitness goals.

In recent years, we’ve been able to access a more in-depth picture of our overall health at the click of a button, thanks to immediate feedback from smartwatches, apps, smartphones and so on.

As this information continues to become easier for us to access via smart devices, we’re able to make direct changes to improve our health and fitness on a daily basis.

Yet with so many gadgets available on the market, it can be hard to know what’s worth the hype and what’s nothing more than a gimmick. We’ve found the best health and fitness tools you can use to track your fitness by what it is you want to improve. Say goodbye to strenuously monitoring your progress and hello to the future.

Improve exercise and sleep

It sounds simple enough: the key to healthy living is staying on top of your exercise routine and sleep. Yet there are a lot of factors that come into play when looking to improve your exercise and sleep habits – keeping track of everything can get quickly become overwhelming.

The Nokia Steel hybrid smartwatch can make your life a lot easier. This handy device tracks your activity throughout the day, keeps tabs on your steps, reports on the calories you burned during exercise and observes your sleep patterns. It also turns into a running watch to give you a better overview of your progress.

Rather than keeping a mental list of all you need to know, you can monitor all of your progress on the Nokia Health Mate app, which syncs to your Nokia Steel hybrid smartwatch automatically and gives you in-depth metrics, personal coaching and more.

The Nokia Health Mate app has tailored programs you can use to meet your fitness goals, taking you through suitable training strategies and offering helpful tips along with insight on how much rest you need to improve your overall stamina.

This impressive piece of tech means you have a personal trainer within reach at all times, 24/7. Next time you say no days off you’ll really mean it.

Improve weight and heart health

Though there’s endless trendy diets and miracle foods, the real way to improve your weight and body is through monitored diligence. You can start working towards your body goal once you acknowledge what it is you want to change and how to do it properly.

Nokia Body Cardio can help you figure out where to start. This unique tool reimagines scales to give you a full overview of your health and fitness progress.

The hi-tech device provides a highly accurate weight and BMI (body mass index) overview, along with insight on water percentage, muscle and bone mass. You can also keep an eye on your heart health data via heart rate and pulse wave velocity. And as a little added bonus, the screen on the scales even gives you the weather forecast every morning.

You can link up your Body Cardio to the Nokia Health Mate app and each of your weigh-ins will appear as you stand on the scale. You can also tell your Health Mate the timeline for your target goal and get a daily calorie budget.

While working towards your health and fitness goal, you’ll get advice, weekly reports and even animated encouragement. Don’t forget that you can change your weight goal at any time – use the scale to listen to your body and learn what works best for you. Whatever you want to achieve, this smart set of scales helps you stay happy, healthy and fit.

Improve general wellbeing

The two are inseparable: being fit means being healthy. That’s why monitoring your health should be an integral part of your fitness routine, which is exactly what the Nokia Thermo is for.

The Nokia thermo is a smart thermometer – yes, thermometer – that tracks your temperature. The tech behind this little device is fascinating as it’s able to measure your temperature with a simple sweep across the forehead: 16 infrared sensors take more than 4,000 measurements to find the hottest point via HotSpot Sensor technology.

Sync this up to the Nokia Health Mate app and monitor the impact of any medication you might be taking, how your temperature changes before and after exercise, or see if you should take a closer look at any unhealthy patterns emerging in your routine.

With this in your armoury, you’ll be on top of your health and fitness like never before.

Resource: Telegraph