How to make every step count

19 Dec
How to make every step count

If you start noticing people walking with poles around Coffs Harbour, looking as if they should be at the snow, don't worry they're not lost. They've discovered the latest in outdoor fitness, Nordic walking.

A low impact, fun physical activity, Nordic walking is increasing in popularity and is about to hit the Coffs Coast.

Founder of Nordic Walking Australia, Hans Wrang will be in Coffs Harbour on Saturday to host a free Nordic Walking demo day.

"Nordic Walking is perfect for people who want an extra boost from their walking regime, because using the poles with the correct technique can increase your calorie burn,” Hans Wrang said.

"Equally, Nordic walking is good for people who find it difficult to walk for exercise. Use of the poles incorporates the upper body, taking a lot of pressure off the back and legs as you walk. This is good for people recovering from injury.”

Amanda Sleeman from Coffs Neuro Physio will be co-hosting the event. As a senior neurological physiotherapist and trained International Nordic Walking Federation instructor, Amanda has used Nordic walking extensively for general fitness and for rehab and has found it invaluable in helping to re-train the art of walking in people with neurological conditions.

Whether your goal is improved fitness, weight loss or recovery from an injury, learn all about Nordic walking, 10am Jetty Foreshores on Saturday.

Resource: The coffs coast advocate